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Reclaimed Wall Panels

Reclaimed wood wall panels are an increasingly popular choice for both commercial and residential projects, offering a unique and stylish touch to any space. These versatile and eco-friendly wall panels...
Reclaimed wood wall panels are an increasingly popular choice for both commercial and residential projects, offering a unique and stylish touch to any space. These versatile and eco-friendly wall panels are an excellent way to incorporate a rustic, vintage aesthetic into your design while also contributing to sustainable building practices. Easy to install and maintain, reclaimed wood wall panels are a fantastic option for those looking to add character and warmth to their interiors.
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WVH® offers a wide variety of modern, decorative wood products, now available in Canada. As leaders in decorative wall panelling and wood technologies, we can offer the very best to architects, interior designers, furniture makers, business professionals, and homemakers.

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Endless options to transform any interior space

Browse our selection of wood wall panelling to find the ideal solution for your next project. Feel free to explore our range of wood panelling products and the rest of our website for design inspiration. If you have any questions about our products, we're always here to assist you across Australia.

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At WVH® our origins lie in specialising in natural wood products. We ethically source only the finest, Nordic-quality woods from global suppliers. Expanding our offerings, we now feature a decorative interior wall panelling range crafted from high-quality natural wood, all sourced sustainably from various corners of the world and now available across Canada.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Preparation for our reclaimed timber wall panels is a breeze. You should remove the panels from their packaging and leave them in the desired room. They’ll be ready to install in about two days. The wood needs to acclimate to the temperature changes in the room. It would help if you also cleaned off your walls with a dry cloth, ensuring a clean surface before fitting your panels.

  • For our reclaimed wood panelling, you only need the length and width of your surface. Our weathered wood panels are available in different lengths, so you’ll want to measure your walls before selecting your panels. We have a handy box calculator above which can help with this.

  • You will need construction adhesive, a caulk gun, a hammer, 2” finish nails, a saw, a pencil, a tape measure, and a level. Before starting the installation process, you must let the wood acclimate. Remove the cladding panels from their boxes, leave them strapped together, then set them in the room you’re installing. Let the cladding adjust for 2-3 days. You should always install wood cladding panels on a dry, smooth, structurally sound surface.

    Follow these steps to apply your wood cladding panels:

    1. Trace around electrical outlets and light switch plates in pencil, then remove them.
    2. Remove the straps from the wood planks and lay them out on the floor in your desired pattern. Make any adjustments to the design as necessary.
    3. An optional step is painting the surface behind your cladding panels a dark color to make gaps between the planks less noticeable.
    4. Use a pencil and a level to make a straight reference line on your wall (or the surface you’re mounting the cladding to). Put the line at about eye level and draw it all the way across your surface.
    5. Use the caulk gun to apply construction adhesive to the back of your first plank. Draw it on in an “S” shape, avoiding putting adhesive too close to the edges of the plank.
    6. Stick the plank with adhesive on the wall, just below, and flush with your penciled reference line.
    7. Secure the plank with four nails, one on each corner. Each nail should be about one-half inch from the edge of the board.
    8. Repeat steps 5-7 with a second plank. Complete one row of boards on your surface, ensuring they’re placed along your reference line.
    9. Start your second row of planks. Stagger the edges of the boards from the row directly above it. Otherwise, you’ll create ugly seams.
    10. Leave just over 20 cm between the edges of boards from row to row.
    11. For the edges of your wall or ceiling, you’ll have to measure a plank and saw off any excess before applying it.
    12. When you get to spots on your wall with outlets and switch plates, follow the same method you used for edge pieces in step 10.
    13. You may have to make horizontal cuts to your wood planks when applying them at the top or bottom of your surface, as well as near outlets and light switch plates. Use a jigsaw for smaller horizontal cuts.
  • The wood used in our weathered wall paneling range is 100% genuine reclaimed, sourced sustainably from North America. All of our reclaimed products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

  • We accept a variety of payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ShopPay and PayPal for your convenience.

  • We're proud to offer nationwide shipping across the whole of Canada. Whether you're located in Banff, Toronto, BC, or anywhere in between, we've got you covered. If you have any questions regarding shipping please start a live chat or give us a call.

  • We value your time and aim to get your order to you as quickly as possible. All of our wall panels are held in stock in our Toronto warehouse and are shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order. If a product is on pre-order, this will be clearly stated on the product page so you can plan accordingly.

  • Keeping tabs on your order is simple. We offer order-tracking capabilities through our tracking portal. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number via email, which you can use to monitor your shipment's progress until it reaches your doorstep.

  • We understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. At WVH®, you have 30 days to return your wall panelling order, provided the box remains unopened. To initiate a return or exchange, please contact our customer service team who will guide you through the process. Ensure you have your order number and details handy for a smooth procedure.

Our team is on hand from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, to answer any questions. Give us a call on 302-216-6177, email us or start a live chat.

Featured projects

Curate Workplace design commercial office space

Curate Workplace, creates a friendly and cost-effective collaborative working environment for ‘Parsyl’. Our panels helped find the perfect combination of acoustics and aesthetics.

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A. Jane Interiors Templeton offices project

Interior design studio, ‘A. Jane Interiors’, beautifully elevates and soundproofs the offices of Templeton Accountants and Advisors. Our acoustic slat wood wall panels 'helped refresh the bare-bones office space whilst making an impactful statement within the parameters of the clients budget'.

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Studio Big NY design Posh Pizza restaurant

Studio Big NY brought a vibrant, modern edge to the aging Posh Pizza Restaurant in Queens, New York. The use of our panels; not only on the walls, but also the ceiling helped bring life to an otherwise out-dated pizzeria. Witness the revival of an iconic eatery through the lens of design innovation.

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Contemporary interior wood cladding

Our decorative wood panels come in many different styles. Whether you prefer rustic or sleek cladding, you'll find the panel style you're looking for at the WVH®. With our variety of luxury wood products, you're sure to create the effect you're looking for in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Our wood paneling products fit all styles and budgets, so browse our site to find the perfect wood wall panels for your next project.

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Transform any interior space.

DIYers will find all the tools and inspiration they need with our wood and timber paneling line. Our acoustic wall panels are excellent for soundproofing spaces, while our weathered wall paneling makes updating any rustic living space a breeze. Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, classic, or chic interior design style, our authentic wood panels will complement your home.

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Decorative interior wood paneling.

Revive your indoor living spaces with authentic, timeless and sound-absorbing wood panels. Whether you'd like to achieve class-A sound absorption for a home studio or add a statement wall to your coffee shop, our decorative wall panels are beautiful and functional.

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Transform any interior space

With decorative interior wall paneling, you have countless options to transform any interior space. You can choose any colorway with our wood panel range, reclaimed wood wall paneling, and luxury mosaic wood wall panels. You don't have to fret over purchasing new wooden panels and painting or staining them yourself. We offer many colors so you can find the wall paneling that suits your DIY project.

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Slatted wood panels for every room

See how our interior design experts have used the slatted wood wall panels to elevate different rooms and spaces. Whether you are using them as a feature wall, in a small space or in a studio environment to improve the acoustics, we have the right slatted wood wall panel for you.

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A little more about us

At WVH®, we have humble roots as natural wood veneer specialists. We ethically source the finest, Nordic-quality woods from around the globe. We expanded into a decorative interior wall paneling range, which features high-quality natural wood veneers sourced sustainably from around the world.

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