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Fluted Tambour Wall Panels

Discover our selection of tambour wall panels, designed to easily transform your space. Perfectly suited for both commercial and residential...

Discover our selection of tambour wall panels, designed to easily transform your space. Perfectly suited for both commercial and residential environments, our tambour wall panels are the epitome of style and sophistication. Explore our range and bring the timeless charm of tambour design into your space. Whether you're renovating or starting from scratch, our tambour wall panels are a perfect choice, offering an unparalleled blend of design and durability. Turn your vision into reality with our tambour wall panels today.

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Unravelling the elegance of tambour panels

Immerse yourself in the world of tambour panels, a mainstay of interior design. With meticulously crafted wood effect slats, these panels exude sophistication, bringing timeless charm to both commercial and residential environments.

A modern symphony of beauty, luxury and durability

Experience the impressive fusion of aesthetics and durability in tambour panels. Their unique texture, combined with the robustness of select premium wood styles, makes them a preferred choice for diverse design projects, standing the test of time gracefully.

The transformative power of repeat pattern panels

Witness the transformative potential of tambour panels. Whether incorporated in a contemporary retail boutique or a comfortable residential kitchen, these panels blend seamlessly with existing decor, significantly enhancing the visual appeal and demonstrating their versatility.

Latest projects from social media

Discover the latest Fluted Tambour Wall Panels transformations with some inspiring projects from our social media community.


With over 1000+ reviews, our customers rate us as excellent on

Beautiful in the deep blue

The wall slat panels are beautiful in the deep blue I ordered. They were so well packed and arrived in perfect shape.They look great on my bedroom wall.

Graham Steal

Amazing product and service

Very easy to order and fast delivery. Well wrapped in a box and good packing. Beautiful colours and vivid black backing so it stands out. Absolutely love it.

Heather Madin

These far exceeded my expectations

These far exceeded my expectations! This wood is absolutely gorgeous — and the acoustical paneling it sits on had the effect of bringing some additional insulation to the room. The end effect was both beautiful — and quieter! It elevated the entire space. Outstanding.

Julie A

I absolutely love this company

I absolutely love this company. Their products are amazing, customer service is top notch. I will recommend them again and again!


Amazing product!

Just got done building a podcast studio and the panels really make the whole look. They were incredibly easy to put up. We love them and will for sure be ordering more!

Don Henson

New Arrival

Acupanel is the original out-of-the-box acoustic slat wood wall panelling solution.

Beautifully handcrafted with materials sourced from the highest quality available.

Frequently asked questions

  • Each box contains four panels. These panels will join next to each seamlessly with a tongue and groove style system.

  • We have designed the panels to join both width-ways and long ways seamlessly so any length or width can easily be achieved.

  • Transform your space with our easy-to-install tambour wall panels. Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you achieve a flawless installation.

    Step 1: Preparation
    Ensure that the area where you plan to install the tambour panel is clean, dry, and free from obstructions.

    Step 2: Gather Necessary Materials
    You will need a strong adhesive glue for the installation. Optionally, a nail gun can be used for additional reinforcement.

    Step 3: Glue Application
    Apply an even layer of the adhesive glue on the back of the tambour panel. Make sure the edges and corners are well covered for optimal adhesion.

    Step 4: Positioning the Panel
    Carefully place the panel onto the desired spot, pressing firmly to make sure the glued surface makes full contact with the wall.

    Step 5: Optional - Nail Gun Reinforcement
    For extra security, you may use a nail gun to affix the panel onto the wall. This step is optional and depends on the type of wall and your preference.

    Step 6: Clean Up
    Immediately after installation, clean any excess glue that may have seeped out from the sides of the panel using a damp cloth.

    Step 7: Drying Time
    Allow ample time for the glue to dry completely. Refer to the adhesive manufacturer's instructions to know the recommended drying time.

    Step 8: Repeat for Remaining Panels
    Follow the same process for each panel, ensuring a proper alignment between panels for a seamless finish.

  • The panels are all in stock, so delivery takes 5-10 days. If we do have to wait for a new production run then it can be 2-3 weeks but please get in contact at the point of order, and we can confirm this right away.

  • We do not currently offer the panels in custom sizes; however, we have designed them to be easily cut if you need smaller. They also join together seamlessly if you need bigger.

  • The panels will be absolutely fine in these areas as long as they are not in direct contact of water.

  • The fluted tambour wall panel range is designed for indoor use only.

  • It is straightforward to adjust the panels to fit around any object. You can cut the slats with a saw to then apply around any item you may have on your surface.

  • You can mount the panels on all flat surfaces including brick, concrete and plasterboard.

  • If installing with batons, then you can use mineral wool or other sound insulation material in-between the gaps which will increase the sound properties.

  • You can return unused panels within 30 days after delivery.

Our team is on hand from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, to answer any questions. Give us a call on 302-216-6177, email us or start a live chat.

The hallmark of clean, sophisticated and versatile design

Experience the remarkable versatility of tambour panels. Thanks to their unique construction and distinct visual appeal, these panels cater to a wide range of applications, from upscale commercial interiors to inviting residential spaces, highlighting their adaptability.

Explore the intriguing interplay of tradition and modernity in tambour panels. By intertwining classic woodworking techniques with contemporary design sensibilities, these panels offer a unique aesthetic that enhances any space, bridging the gap between the old and the new.

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