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Orac Decor Hill Primed White Paintable 3D Wall Panels

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Size: 78.74" x 9.84" (200cm x 25cm)
Finish: White Matte Primed (Paint Ready)


Discover the multifunctional 3D Wall Covering profiles, perfect for transforming entire walls or ceilings, creating a breathtaking wow effect, or installing as contemporary paneling. Elevate any space, from elegant atriums and welcoming lobbies to practical kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Additionally, utilize these versatile panels for door frames or incorporate them into furniture and room accents like cabinet doors, headboards, reception desks, or sophisticated bars.

Hill, a uniquely designed 3D Wall Covering from Orac Decor's collection, showcasing an alluring raised center pattern. Unleash your artistic vision and create a tailor-made visual showpiece that harmonizes with your interior style. Explore diverse shapes and amplify your space with lively color accents for an impeccable final touch. Elevate your walls with Hill and spark engaging conversations.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration: Orac Decor 3D wall panels provide near-invisible connection points, ensuring a flawless, continuous pattern across your walls, elevating your space's visual appeal.
  • Refined edges: With expertly finished lateral sides, these wall panels provide a polished, professional appearance that enhances any interior design.
  • Enhanced comfort: Boasting positive thermal and acoustic properties, our wall panels improve insulation and sound absorption, contributing to a more comfortable living or working environment.
  • User-friendly installation: Designed for easy installation, these wall panels can be effortlessly incorporated into your space, saving you time and effort.
  • Eco-conscious choice: Crafted from sustainable materials, our wall panels support environmentally responsible design, allowing you to create stunning interiors while minimizing your environmental impact.


Each profile measures 78.74" x 9.84" (200cm x 25cm).


Linear Panel Installation Video

Non-linear Panel Installation Video

Painting Orac Decor Panels


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Orac Decor being used in a bedroom environment.

50 years of history, innovation, and quality with Orac Decor.

At The Wood Veneer Hub, we recognize the importance of walls in interior design, which is why we proudly offer Orac Decor's innovative solutions. Transform empty walls into eye-catching displays with our wainscoting or full wall coverings, or elevate interior features like bars, headboards, and reception desks with the high-quality products we provide.

Orac Decor being used in a commercial environment.

Personalize your space with Orac Decor's 3D wall panels.

The Wood Veneer Hub presents Orac Decor's trending 3D wall panels, adding dimension and style to your interiors. With three budget-friendly designs by Orio Tonini, our versatile range allows you to express your individuality and transform your living spaces in a truly unique way. With simple installation, Orac Decor provides the ideal range to transform your space.

Orac Decor being used in a residential environment.

Create stunning effects in every room with Orac Decor.

Our multi-functional 3D wall profiles from Orac Decor can be used to cover entire walls or ceilings for a dramatic impact or as modern paneling to enhance your decor. Experience beautiful results in any room, from grand entryways and lobby walls to functional surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, with our diverse selection at The Wood Veneer Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in the creation of Orac Decor products?

At The Wood Veneer Hub, our Orac Decor 3D wall panels are crafted from premium-quality polymers, which combine the durability, flexibility, and workability of synthetic materials with the elegant appearance of wood or plaster.

What is the fire safety classification of our Orac Decor standard products?

Orac Decor standard products have a fire safety rating of E. This classification indicates that the product can burn and will continue burning without extinguishing on its own.

What is the maximum heat resistance for Orac Decor products?

Orac Decor products can withstand temperatures up to 158°F.

Can fire retardant paint be applied to Orac Decor products?

Yes, Orac Decor products can be treated with fire retardant paint for added protection. Various fire retardant paints are compatible, such as Aithon's AL20.

Do Orac Decor products offer any acoustic benefits?

Orac Decor 3D wall panels can absorb up to 25% of conversation sounds, harmonizing well with most common building materials. These panels are an excellent solution for enhancing sound balance and reducing echoes in any room.

Do Orac Decor® products provide thermal insulation benefits?

Yes, Orac Decor 3D wall covering profiles are made from materials with high insulating properties, offering thermal insulation similar to a standard insulating board of the same thickness. Installing our profiles not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also helps maintain a stable temperature within.

Can anyone install Orac Decor products?

Orac Decor products are designed for easy installation. By following the step-by-step instructions under the installation tab above and using the appropriate adhesive, anyone can install these products.

Are Orac Decor products easy to paint over?

Absolutely! All Orac Decor products come with a matte primed surface, making them ready for a final coat of paint.

Can Orac Decor products be installed on painted surfaces?

Yes, Orac Decor products can be placed on painted surfaces, as long as the paint is clean, dry, and non-greasy with good adhesion. Make sure to sand off any remaining dirt or loose paint before installation.

Is it possible to apply Orac Decor products on wallpaper?

We recommend removing the wallpaper before installing Orac Decor products to ensure proper adhesion and longevity.

Still Have Questions?

Our team are available Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm EST to answer any questions you may have regarding our product range.

Elevate your interior design.

Orac Decor wall paneling elevates your home's aesthetic with stunning designs, providing a unique and sophisticated look that sets your space apart.

Easy installation process.

Choose Orac Decor for its user-friendly installation, making it simple for homeowners and professionals alike to create stunning walls without hassle or complications.

Durable and long-lasting material.

Orac Decor's high-quality polymer construction ensures longevity, offering a durable solution for your wall paneling needs while maintaining its attractive appearance..

Improved acoustic environment.

Opt for Orac Decor wall panels to enhance your space's acoustics, absorbing up to 25% of conversation sounds and reducing echoes for a more comfortable atmosphere.

Versatile and paintable surface.

Orac Decor's paintable wall panels offer endless customization options, allowing you to easily match your décor and refresh your space whenever you desire.

Thermal insulation benefits.

Experience energy efficiency with Orac Decor's insulating properties, helping to stabilize indoor temperatures and potentially lowering energy costs in your home or office.

Wide kitchen shot using Orac Decor wall paneling

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